Security procedures

These security procedures are mostly similar to those departures. Travelers checked-in baggage and electronic devices are scanned, again, just for safety and passengers are also asked to go through a body scanner. Both, for international and domestic travelers, it is important to answer CBP (Customs and Border Protection) agent's questions truthfully, since they are the ones who determine one's legal status. After going through security procedures, passengers are invited to the baggage claim.

Meeting areas

Family and friends can meet their loved ones in the Baggage Claim area, but they also have to go through the necessary security check. No matter where one's coming from ( even if they are domestic arrivals), flight attendants bring out an agricultural declaration form since Hawaii's ecosystem is unique, meaning that any pets (if the passenger has one) warrant a quarantine before releasing them.

There is a list of terminals, which will help friends and family find their loved ones via airlines; you should check out their website.


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